Wall dresser Wall cupboard combination Large

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Stylish, compact, safe and smart solution for your nursery


This hanging wall dresser and wall cabinet combination is a great addition to your nursery. By choosing the combination you have a complete and compact wall combination. Where you can store all your baby things. 

The wall cupboard is available in the same style and size with the wall chest of drawers. 

Why this wall cabinet combination

  ✪ Compact : The wall dresser is foldable and the changing mat fits in it.

 closet space : The wall cabinet has two shelves

Ergonomic:Because you can attach this wall dresser at your specific height 

 Circular : The wall chest of drawers is locally made from sustainable wood by people with a daytime occupation.

 Easy to attach: With the manual and supplied fittings you can attach this chest of drawers quickly and easily.