How We Work

How our wall cupboards are made

We organize every step of our production, from purchasing the raw materials to the construction of The finished wall dresser. We constantly refine and improve every detail of our construction. This process is in order to offer a wall chest of drawers of the highest possible quality. With the smallest footprint to ensure sustainability.

Given the factors in the choice of materials, the design and the development of the product, this wall dresser can be called cradle to cradle or sustainable.

Sustainable wood

The chest of drawers is truly handmade and made of certified fast-growing wood. Due to the use of sustainable natural materials, it does not contain any harmful substances.

Proudly made locally in Heiloo

The babywoods wall dresser also contributes to Dutch society. We practice corporate social responsibility. All our wall cabinets are made by a very special wood workshop. This is a special wood workshop. People work under supervision. They work here as a meaningful daily schedule. These people do this with a lot of passion and commitment. So that they are finally ready to join our society again.

Automated carvings
Molds were made of the three models.
The molds create woodwork that is put ready as a puzzle piece. 
We modeled the molds to fit the wood plates. To minimize waste when cutting.
The patterns are cut with a wood saw for optimum precision and speed, and bundled into individual ones
"packages" and forwarded to build the wood workshop department.

Construction of the chest of drawers
This is where the changing table starts to take shape. Each chest of drawers is carefully assembled using proven techniques.
Unlike most mass-produced furniture where each part of the furniture is put together by a different person, our wall cabinets are constructed by the same person from start to finish.

Finishing quality control
The wall changing table is given a final check to ensure that the material is baby-friendly.
The changing table is also checked for construction defects or other irregularities.
The baby furniture is provided with the Babywoods logo, coating and handle. After which carefully packed before shipping. Even the packaging material is locally produced. To keep the footprint of this product as small as possible.
"Each wall dresser is unique and made especially for you."