This way you hang the wall dresser ergonomically

If you hang the wall dresser in the right way, it will be good for your body. This puts minimal stress on your body. 

Read how you can hang the wall dresser at the correct height for a number of steps. 


To ensure optimal use of the changing table, it is important to read these usage recommendations carefully. In connection with sufficient standing and movement space, the wall dresser is in principle intended for right-handed and left-handed carers (m / f).

Basic rules:

  • Fold out the wall dresser
  • Keep all the items you need for changing within reach
  • Changing pads close to the back (for transverse changing)

Transverse change:

  • Always have the child lie as close to the edge as possible so that you do not have to work excessively. The caregiver (m / f) stands with feet wide and legs next to each other or in a walking position. In the walking position, the caregiver (m / f) can optimally use her / his legs and weight transfer from the front to the rear leg is possible

Height adjustment

  • Make sure that every caregiver (m / f) takes the time to determine the correct height setting and, if necessary. to mark. Determine the height by standing with relaxed shoulders and lifting only the forearm. The top of the changing mat, where the child is lying on, may be set at 5 to 10 cm below elbow height.