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The stock of the changing tables is not unlimited. This is because there is only limited space in our warehouse to have them in stock. If they are sold out, the delivery time can take up to 3 weeks. I advise you to purchase the changing table around week 25, in the second trimester, then you will certainly have it on time. 

The babywoods wall dresser is produced locally in the Netherlands. The changing tables are made by hand by people who need a specific daytime activity.

Babywoods is therefore a real local entrepreneur. 

The changing tables are produced entirely in the Netherlands, which means that the food print of the product is small. The wood has a special FSC sustainability certificate, so you know that these trees have been cut down fairly meaning that a new one has been planted for this tree. 

Yes, a 70 x 50 changing pad fits between all wall dresser types. 

The wall dresser is mounted in the wall with 4 bolts. You can find out how best to do this in our Manual .

The wall dresser large medium and vertical are supplied ready for use. You can hang it right out of the box. 

You have made a good choice and opted for a wall dresser solution. You can hang this in the nursery, bathroom, toilet or treatment room. Then on to the next step. Choosing a suitable wall.

Choose a wall to which you want to attach the changing table. Look for a solid wall. For example a supporting wall. A plaster wall is not suitable for mounting it. The supplied plugs are also not suitable for this. But how do you know what a supporting wall is? The supporting wall is an indispensable element in your home, because as the name suggests, these walls have a load-bearing function.

Learn more about it in the blog


The warranty period of a commode is two years. You have a warranty on the changing table from the day of receipt of the order.

If you are not satisfied with the ordered product, you can return the product within 30 days. The product must be shipped in the original packaging without damage. Costs for returning the product will be borne by the consumer.

From our sustainable perspective limit we will transport as much as possible. For this reason we use return costs. This is 10 euros per return. When the product is received in good condition, the amount will be refunded. This is the purchase amount minus the return costs. 

Returning a changing table is possible via the return portal. You can then create a shipping label yourself. 

Go to it return portal  

You can return the wall dresser 30 days after purchase. You can find the conditions for the return in our return policy .


The changing tables are shipped to the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Spain and Italy, Ireland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland. 

The wall chests are shipped with DPD. The wall commodes are collected and sent every Wednesday. So that you have it at home on Thursday or Friday. The moment the dresser has been shipped you will receive tracking information with which you can track the order.

The wall chests are shipped with DPD. The wall commodes are collected and sent every Wednesday. So that you have it at home on Tuesday. We ask for a small fee of 6,95 per dresser. 

We ask a small contribution of 6,95 for the shipment of a wall dresser. A changing pad cover and rattle are 3,95 per shipment.