Would you like to offer the Babywoods products via dropshipping? Which can. We can always work together. 

How do we proceed? 

1: It is useful to directly create an account on our website. You do this here 

2: Send us an email to melanie (@) babywoods.nl containing your link to your webshop, so that we can assess your store. After which we activate your account and present the purchase details to you. 

3: Buy one dropshipping agreement, after which you agree to our terms and conditions. After this you can offer the changing tables for sale on your own webshop. You do this by adding this to your shopping cart. 

4: You order the products online in our webshop with your own account. 

I look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you to our dropshipping community. 

I look forward to our cooperation


Melanie van Hagen