Do you want to see live how the changing tables work and experience the differences between the 3 types of wall cupboards? Which can. I can explain everything to you by means of a video call and answer all your questions. You can also see the changing tables hanging live. 

 Call me or send an email to make an appointment for a consultation on 06-44000528  

Compare the changing tables Medium Large Vertical
Folding changing table v v v
2 in 1 wall dresser and children's desk v v x
Applicable as an adult desk x v x
Including 2 wall shelves v v v
Changing mat fits between the wall dresser v v v
Space to change your baby  + ++ +
Can be attached at any height v v v
Ergonomic choice v v v
Unique Dutch Design v v v
Socially responsibly produced v v v
Produced from sustainable wood v v v
Max load capacity:  20 kg  20 kg 20 kg
Complies with the EU general product safety directive v v v
Available with black, cognac and brown handle v v v
Available with dirt and water-repellent coating v v v
EURO  179,95  229,95 210,00
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