My baby has red bottom and diaper rash

January 12, 2020 Read time

My baby has diaper rash

My baby has red bottom and diaper rash 

Especially for you, I have collected all the information about diaper rash on your baby's buttocks. Read about the regular solution. How it looks, how you can recognize it, but more importantly, how you can fix it. 

Hey, does my baby suffer from diaper rash? 

Diaper rash can cause your baby to cry. Imagine, you have a diaper on all day and it is not comfortable. And your baby can only tell you that by crying. 

But how do you recognize diaper rash? 

Diaper rash is on your baby's buttocks. Or rather, on the skin covered by the diaper. Recognizing diaper rash is not very difficult because your skin is red and irritated. It may even be slightly open or bleed. Pretty pathetic.

The cause of diaper rash is the chafing of the diaper on skin that is damp with urine or poo. Unfortunately, this cannot always be prevented. Stop no, you don't have to feel like a bad mother right away. I reassure you that every baby has diaper rash from time to time. This is insurmountable. Your child may have sensitive skin. Or that teeth come through teeth. Then your Child often has thin and acidic stools which can be extra irritating. 

Yes, what can I do about diaper rash?

The advice to give your baby a clean diaper often. How often should you do that? The doctor advises that you give a clean diaper to your baby 7 times a day. You can tell yourself that you give a clean diaper before each feeding, for example. 

When changing your baby, you can be sure that he is well awake, so that he can drink well.

But the most important thing is how do you get rid of a result? 

Clean your child with a warm washcloth with only water. This instead of wipes with perfume. Because that perfume can be very painful on chapped skin. You can also use water-based wipes Waterwipes for example. It is sometimes difficult to get rid of the stool that is on the buttocks of the baby. Then it is best to rub the buttocks with a little oil. Then you don't have to rub so hard.

The advice is that you then rub the skin with zinc ointment or zinc oil. A well-known zinc ointment is Sudocreme, but there is also an ointment from Zwitsal and Neutral also has a very good one. That is zinc ointment without dyes or perfume. Talcum powder is also recommended for red buttocks. It absorbs moisture so that the baby's skin can recover better. The disadvantage of talcum powder is that your little baby can inhale it. This has been shown by recent research that it can be detrimental to lung function. The talcum powder has been found in the lungs of people who use talcum powder twice a day. An alternative to talcum powder is cornstarch, which sprays less. It also absorbs moisture and keeps the baby's skin nice and soft 

A good idea is to let the baby buttocks air dry for a while. So just put the baby down without a diaper. You can do this, for example, on your changing mat, which you then place in the box. The best thing is for a while with your buttocks in the sun. 

If your baby continues to suffer from red pills, then it is not possible to contact the doctor, because your baby can also suffer from a fungal infection. Especially if the skin is very red and it does not get better after a day or two.

I wish you a lot of success with changing all lutes. And hopefully your baby's buttocks will have improved soon.

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