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Changing horizontally or vertically?

October 08, 2019 Read time

Change horizontally or vertically with the babywoods wall dresser

Why would you choose a horizontal or vertical wall dresser? I get to hear that question regularly. And it is also a tricky one.

You can of course make a consideration based on space. Then the vertical wall dresser is the narrow one. But thicker than the wall dresser medium. This one is quite thin when you fold it up.

But there are also ergonomic considerations. What is better for your body after giving birth or Caesarean section? I have presented the matter to the pelvic floor physiotherapist who works together with the NVFB (Dutch Association for Physiotherapy for Pelvic Problems and Pre- and Postpartum Health Care).

In the hospital, she teaches maternity wives to change their babies vertically. This is because you are standing right in front of the changing table and you do not have to turn your body. This puts minimal stress on the abdominal muscles. These must be relieved especially after delivery.

If your child grows a bit bigger, he will become more and more mobile. You will notice that your child will not naturally stay on the changing table. With the vertical changing table you have less control over your child than with the horizontal changing table.

If you want to play completely safe, choose the wall dresser vertical. 

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