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5 tips for furnishing a daycare center

March 21, 2021 Read time

5 tips for furnishing a daycare centerRead here the 5 tips to set up a daycare center properly. But also for parents to choose a good daycare center based on the design. How do you actually do that? How do you properly set up a day nursery, out-of-school care or childminder family? It is not an easy job yet, because it is not the same as furnishing your living room. A beautiful large open space with specific characteristics and requirements requires its own form of insight. You look for insights that get the best out of the space and create a space, where everyone who needs to be there wants to be and feel at ease.

What most pedagogical staff know is that when a child plays in a large open play area, it is more difficult for him or her to concentrate. They get too many incentives from everything going on around them and feel unfamiliar. By creating a few corners in the play area, children already feel more protected and create their own play area, allowing them to immerse themselves more in their toys or work.

These angles also create regularity in the room and pedagogical employees have a better overview of the children. This gives them more time to guide and inspire children.

The first tip is therefore to create small play islands where children can play in a well-organized manner. As a parent, you pay attention to whether the space contains them or not. 

The second tip has to do with safety and security. You create this by making smaller, separate places in the room. Place also by soft and comfortable elements in the room. That play mat that you can enjoy playing on. Or, for example, a low sofa where you can relax on. But also a place where you can sit in the circle with your pedagogical employee and children and start the day together. As a parent, you can also see whether these elements are present in a daycare center. 

The third is to create peace. You do this by repeating patterns, elements and colors. This creates unity in the space. As a parent you may wonder whether the spacious room gives you peace of mind or not. 

The fourth tip is about the bright colors such as red, yellow and blue and also green. These colors are still a favorite of nursery designers, furniture and toy manufacturers, but isn't it overwhelming for kids and pm'ers? Children are very colorful by themselves. White, grays, natural tones and wood provide peace and give us a warm feeling.

The fifth tip is about challenges. Children can be challenged by the simplest of things. Let them put their toys in and out of bags, boxes or boxes themselves. Cars do great when you let them race through a tube. 

These are the five tips that I can give you for setting up a nice, safe and attractive daycare center. With these tips you can continue with the choices for material, colors and layout of the play area. As a parent, you can certainly also pay attention to these elements when choosing a suitable out-of-school care daycare center or childminder. 

Hi there, I am Melanie van Hagen, mother of 2 young children, a mac and tea fanatic. Who is always up for a nice conversation. I started 3 years ago and invented and designed the furniture line with smart wall solutions myself. This one wall cabinets and cabinets I have been selling through our website for about 3 years


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